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Booking in

·        Have two booking in areas, one for champion and one for novice

·        Make sure that any birds absent are marked clearly on the entry form and the number put on the absentee sheet

Show Manager

·        Should allocate stewards

·        Should explain judging method to the judges


·        There should be a chief steward for each judge

·        There should be at least two other stewards preferably three but obviously dependant on the number of birds per judge


·        The chief steward should be the only person to go behind the judging stand.

·        When a class has been judged the chief steward should offer to read out the class positions whilst the judge marks his judging book

·        Other stewards should not congregate in the line of sight of the judge

·        Where possible always have the next class ready so that the judge is not standing idle

·        Make sure second, third etc prize cards are securely affixed to the cage when returned to the staging

·        Put birds back on the staging with prize winners on the middle row, in order, leaving a space for the first prize winner

 Judging for Specials

·        Show Manager plus Chief  Stewards to sort out birds

·        Judging using the ‘colour method’

·        Arrange birds so that each colour section can be judged by all judges i.e. put four clear classes together and judge first to fourth. Same with variegated, heavily variegated, cinnamon variegated, greens, cinnamons and allied to white.

·        This will give seven birds.

·        The judges then pick their best from these. Depending on which bird wins, the second in the colour line up is placed with the other six birds and the second best bird selected.

·        The second best is replaced with it’s colour runner up and the third best selected.

·        This is carried on until the desired number of birds have been selected.

In theory the four clear birds could take the four best awards.

This is carried out for both sections, champion and novice.

The best champion and the best novice are then compared for best in show.

Show Secretary

·        To produce a piece of paper showing each judges classes

·        To update judging books with absentees

·        To produce award sheet based on judges returns

Entry to the show

·        A volunteer or volunteers to be present on the door to take admission and raffle draw monies

Emptying of water

·        Fifteen minutes prior to the presentation the Chief Stewards should take a row of birds each and empty drinkers

Presentation of prizes

·        Show secretary to organise the prizes, as per the schedule, ready for presentation

·        Club Chairman to read out winners for presentation by Club President


·        Nominated person to shout out raffle winners

·        At the end of the raffle ask all non exhibitors to leave the hall and exhibitors to lift their birds

Jeff Hamlett 24 November 04



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