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About Jeff Hamlett

I have been a breeder and exhibitor of Border Canaries for over 30 years but over the last 10 years or more I have been developing a stud of Fife Canaries. I too, like many others, have been somewhat disillusioned with the obsession with size in the Border and the escalating cost of stock.

I started as a junior showing British Birds, Mules and Hybrids under the watchful eye of my father who was Champion Breeder and Exhibitor of Borders. After his death, when I was 18 years old, I took on the stud of Borders. I was appointed to the judges’ panel in 1981 at the age of 25 and have judged at many shows including the British Border Fancy Canary Club (twice, the last time at the Millennium show in 2000).

Many years on, and having the necessary 7 years as a member of a Fife Specialist club, I was appointed to the Fife Federation judges panel in 1998. I now keep mainly Fifes with only a few Borders.

I have held many administrative positions in the bird world including show secretary, publicity officer, show manager and social secretary. I have been the joint show secretary for the Merseyside Border Fancy Canary Club and show manager for the North West Fife Fancy Canary Club, I am also on the committee of the British Border Fancy Canary Club.

In my capacity as Show manager for the North West Fife Fancy canary Club I was asked to put together some brief notes on the activities that need to be carried out during the show.

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