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December 2019 2019 Home bred birds added

November 2018

Photo gallery and 2018 home bred birds updated
May 2018   North West Fife website published
Nov 2017 Merseyside Border and Fife Fancy Canary Club - Fife special winners at November 2017 show
Oct 2017  NWFFCC Results

Show catalogue       Special Winners          Class Winners


Oct 2017 North West Fife Fancy Canary Club Schedule for 2017
Sept 2017 Merseyside Border and Fife Fancy Canary Club show schedule 2017 for download.
Feb 2017 Addition of Judging Memorabilia page (see left column)
Jan 2017 Update to Photo Gallery showing some photos from the recent World Show in Almeria in Spain
Dec 2016 Update to photo gallery showing Gozo and South Massachusetts shows
16 December 2013 Addition of 2013 birds
2 January 2013 Addition of 2012 birds
27 October 2011 Addition of 2011 birds - first few pictures
10 November 2010 Addition of 2010 birds + Update to Photo Gallery - Bangor CBS, Northern Ireland 
20 September 2009 Addition of 2009 birds - first few pictures
19 October 2008 Update to Photo Gallery - Swords CBS
19 October 2008 Addition of 2008 Home Bred Birds page
22 February 2008 Addition of a 'Forum' for discussion of Fife Canaries
14 January 2008 Minor updates to Showing, Photo Gallery and 2007 Birds pages
24th October 2007 Update to Photo Gallery and 2007 Home Bred Birds
16th October 2007 Addition of 2007 birds - first few pictures
29th August 2007 Link to Dave Shelbourne's new site added
15th July 2007 Change to colour scheme of website plus change of email address
5th Dec 2006 Addition to Photo Gallery (Coleraine CBS)
24th Nov 2006 Addition to Photo Gallery (Fauldhouse)
16th Oct 2006 Additions to Photo Gallery and 2006 birds
9th Oct 2006 Pictures added to Home bred birds 2006 page
6th Oct 2006 Update to Photo Gallery - Runcorn Show
17 July 2006 Addition of Home bred birds 2006 page
10th December 2005 Update to Home bred birds - 2005
23rd October 2005 Update to Photo Gallery
17th October 2005 Update to Photo Gallery and Home bred birds 2005
28th July 2005 Addition of Cinnamons and Whites page
25th June 2005 Update to showing page - now includes classification and definitions
20th April 2005 Website published



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