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Staple Diet

The staple diet of my birds is a good mixed canary seed, I feed Bucktons as I have found this to be very clean and made up of good sized seeds - this is fed all year round. I know a lot of canary keepers change the feed to a very basic mixture of plain canary and rape seed during the winter months. I wouldn't want to be put on bread and water during the winter months so I don't do it to my birds.

Soft Food

My soft food mix is made up of 50% EMP and 50% Quiko. To this I add cous cous which has been soaked in honey and water. Finally I add mashed boiled egg. This gives a crumbly moist mixture which the birds enjoy. 








In the picture on the left you will see the dry cous cous in the small dish with the soaked mixture in the larger dish.

The final mixture is in the picture on the right.                                                      

Other foodstuff

Other foods given consist of condition seed, wild seeds, green foods such as broccoli and dandelion and soaked seed which is allowed to sprout before feeding as can be seen in the picture below.

Conditioning for breeding season

The table below shows the feeding pattern for the build up to the breeding season. This is not fixed and will vary for instance if I have extra soft food from one day I will put it in the fridge and feed the next day. It may appear that you could be giving your birds too much food if you include the staple diet of mixed canary seed. However, the birds will only eat so much so you need to balance the amounts given. 

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
January   Condition Seed   Greens     Soft food
February   Condition Seed Softfood Greens     Soft food
March   Condition Seed Softfood Greens   Condition Seed Soft food




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